From Forgettable to Unforgettable: Your NEET Memory Makeover!

  Memorization of data and interconnected facts is crucial for excelling in the NEET examination. While many toppers emphasize memorizing entire textbooks, simply resorting to rote learning has its limitations. NEET requires more than just memorization; it necessitates critical analysis of facts and finding connections between them which quite evident from multi statement question, match the following and assertion and reasoning questions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to effective memorization techniques scientifically proven to aid NEET preparation. 1 ) Scribbling When studying textbooks, actively engage by scribbling down the data on a piece of paper. Writing enhances understanding and retention, even if the notes are messy. Your scribbled notes reflect your own insights, making them more relatable and memorable. Students should scribble every time they read their textbook.  2) Visualize  your data Visualizing information aids data retention. It can be done by following techn

"Unlocking NEET Success: The Power of Self-Learning"

  Understanding the Challenge In 2024, almost 24 lakh students appeared for NEET2024 examination, competing for 52,778 MBBS medical seats. That means only 1 out 48 students have chance to fulfil their dream of becoming MBBS which is only 2 percent. The competition is steep and cutthroat in general category section. Students are securing 720/720, thus admission to MBBS are closing at 560/720 score for general category. The Pressure of Performance This situation is a very grappling and this Hyper competitive condition are pushed students to depression and other psychological disorder like suicidal thought ultimately leading to their demise. 57 per 1,00,000 students committed suicide which is horrifying fact. The main factor is over- dependency on coaching, absence of self-learning techniques and methods. The Importance of Self-Learning Enrolling for class does not guarantee success. Contribution of coaching class is not more than 25%, the rest lies on your learning, revision and ho